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It has been unforgivably long since I have posted on 

My wife has recently started going back to school and has monopolized the computer time. By the time I get back home from work I feel mentally exhausted and have not felt up to posting. I’ve also started a side-project that has been distracting.

But yesterday I decided that writing was still important to me. I know that blogging is important to my mental health and has been beneficial in the past. I like to believe that my writing is also somehow helpful to others as well. So I went the store and bought myself the cheapest laptop off of the shelf. This computer will be dedicated only to my writing.

Work has been leaving me exhausted by the end of the day. My new job isn’t mentally tough at all, in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is definitely physically tough on some days though finding me spending a lot of my day with a shovel in my hands. It gives me plenty of time for thought though, which is room for schizophrenia and The Dragon to creep in. As a whole though, the job is not very triggering for my disease. I am working outside, I see very few strangers, the pressures are low. The only really stressful thing about it is that it is still new.

I’ve also began a side-project that I think is pretty exciting. I’ve started work on my memoir. It has been slow-going though (see the first two excuses above). I will be focusing on the Genesis of my disease, my treatment while in the military, its impacts on my military career and transition and how I manage to get by day to day. It will be part life-story and part self-help from the perspective of someone with schizophrenia. My plan is to write through my story as completely as possible and then give it a deep edit – then hand it off to a professional editor and pay them to turn it into a publishable work.

Life and work have been going well though. We’ve settled into the school year with the kids and the routine of their activities between a local play, scouting and others. My work is going well. I enjoy my job and am trying to get moved from a temporary to permanent status. I don’t seem to have issues with my coworkers. I’ve made no secret of my disease. I’m not embarrassed to be schizophrenic and I don’t want to hide in the shadows. They keep their social distance from me as a result, but I really don’t mind feeling a bit isolated, I prefer it.

I’m starting in on a bought of my style of insomnia though: waking up early. Today I was up two hours before my 5:10 a.m. alarm. I can handle a day or two of this, which is where I’ve been at several times over the last two weeks. It is probably the stress of starting the new job.

Anyway – I have no real subject of this post other than to say that I’m alive and doing fine. I’ve removed the excuse of computer access limiting my ability to post so you can expect to see me starting to return back to a more regular presence on

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