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Finally, to bring everything altogether I try to follow healthy living to help manage my schizophrenia.  This is the only way to assure that I am strong to fight my schizophrenia every day.

This post is part of a series explaining what I view as the five pillars to managing my symptoms.  You can read the introduction here, the pillar of external support here, the pillar of self-help here, the pillar of medication here and the pillar of a support network here.

I’m not very good at this though.  I’m hooked on candy and Monster drinks, consume massive amounts of caffeine (and that’s after I’ve cut down) and live a pretty sedentary existence now.  Compared to what I used to be, I’m not in great shape.

I aspire to eat healthy.  We have figured out that I have a terrible issue with wheat and have severe digestion issues with it.  We also eat vegan.  The vegan diet is Leonardo DiCaprio’s fault and I did it for environmental reasons.

There is a very obvious connection between how I eat and how bad my schizophrenic symptoms get.  When I eat awful food, it makes me worse.  Eating healthy doesn’t seem to make me get better though.  But if I eat a healthy diet then I know that it isn’t contributing to a worsening of symptoms.  I make bad food decisions all the time though and never seem to learn the lesson that I need to eat healthy without exception.

I will say this though about going vegan: physically I feel great.  When I go off it for ‘a treat’ I go overboard and feel awful in body and mind.

Right now, my exercise is almost completely from walking my dog each morning and evening.  I’m getting a mile in total each day at best.  I keep telling myself that tomorrow is my day to get back into running like I used to, but tomorrow is always a d – (yikes, I’m going to stop myself from going full Annie.  Once you go full Annie, there’s no going back).

But I’ll do it again.  Tomorrow will be my day to get started.  I’ll go running and start a 100-pushup program.  Running used to be a big part of my well-being.  Back when I ran a lot (10 years ago) I used to use it when I needed a period to cool off or if I just needed to feel good.  I would love to get back to five miles a day eventually.

Like any good soldier of more than a few years’ service I have a lot of chronic aches and pains to work through.  I’ll definitely have to ease my joints back into it and trim ten pounds off my frame.  But the theory is if I take care of myself physically the mental picture will follow.

Ugh it’s going to be rough getting started.  I’ll let you know in the comments how it goes.


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