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You might be thinking, “why did he add advertisement to his therapy blog?  He must be out of his mind…”

But I did it for two reasons:

1) This could add a little motivation to me to continue posting meaningful content;

2) Who knows how long I’ll be able to work?  Right now, I count myself amongst the lucky minority that are highly-functional with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

I don’t expect this to result in a big payoff (in fact I’m expecting very little) and I don’t think it diminishes my blog or content.  I was glad to see that the first ad that popped-up was a link to a bipolar screening.  Wow, that is something some of my readers might find useful.  Maybe this makes my blog a little bit better even?

Think I made a mistake?  Comment below or send me a message.  Think it is a good idea… you should also comment.  I always want to hear your feedback and welcome the conversation.

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  1. annonymous says:

    So… after hitting refresh a bunch of times I haven’t had another super-relevant ad show up like the initial bipolar one. Hopefully as I add content over the next few weeks (months (years)) they will become more and more relevant

  2. Tan Su says:

    With regards to advertising here…I think it’s fine. Hopefully it generates good income. With regards to the ads that pop — the algorithms…I think they are based on what one is/has searching(ed) online, isn’t it? Mine wasn’t an ad about bipolar. Mine is something different. Probably based on figuring out how old I am (my user account) and my surfing history…the ad that popped up is a really weird ad, but I have an ad. Separately, I figured out how to make comments on your blog. So I’m here now — from Reddit.

    1. annonymous says:

      Thank you for the detailed comment… this is all a bit of a mystery to me.

  3. August says:

    I think advertising is fine! I do affiliate marketing (and dont make any money really), but I’m a firm believer in utilizing our strengths and your writing is definitely a strength so why shouldn’t you profit from it?

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