About Me

Hello and welcome to my anonymous blog!

Sometime in the last ten years or so I began to develop schizoaffective disorder in addition to generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and avoidant personality disorder.  In the grand scheme of things these are all relatively mild compared to others… my therapist calls me “highly functioning all things considered.”

For me the schizophrenia symptoms that I have are the most debilitating by far.  My medications have helped greatly with auditory hallucinations.  Delusional thoughts still have a large impact on me.  I’m often confused what thoughts are real and what are delusion, which is why this blog is ‘Some of this is true.’

I have served as an active duty US Army officer for 14 years and served in Iraq for two tours.  I am currently being medically retired from the military based off my mental health conditions.  To protect my future professional prospects and the reputations of my family, this blog is anonymous.

This blog has two purposes.  First, it is being used as a mental health tool for myself.  Second, I hope that it may be helpful for someone else that suffers with some form of schizophrenia or for someone who cares about someone who does.

I am an expert in my own brand of these disorders and won’t pretend to understand anyone else’s.  I want to focus on the things that I try to help myself and if they do.  If these are somehow useful to other people, that’s great!  Please comment on my blog posts what helps you or someone you care about, what doesn’t or any other thoughts that come to you.  I think it would be amazing if sufferers of schizophrenia, their family members, friends, professionals and caregivers can all work together to make schizophrenia a little bit more livable for a few people.