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You Can Help Motivate Me to Blog More About Schizophrenia

I’m a numbers junky.  You can help motivate me to blog more about schizophrenia by contributing to my numbers.  I check the number of hits I get on my blog several times a day.  I also check to see how many subscribers I have.  Keep visiting and use the subscribe button to the side (or bottom if you are on your phone).  The only emails you’ll get from subscribing are updates when I make a new post.

If there’s an article that you like use the buttons to share it on Facebook or Twitter.  That’ll help drive more people to my site.  Try this post or this post.

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My second goal of this blog is to be helpful to other sufferers of schizophrenia or the people that care about them.  The more exposure my blog gets the more I can accomplish this goal.

This has been a shameless plug.  Thank you.

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